Phone: 01981 551143   

Address: St Peter's Church, Church Road,

Peterchurch, Hereford HR2 0RT

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We've been nominated!

The Hub has been nominated for a 'Rural Oscar' 

Please support us by clicking on the link below and telling the judges why The Hub is important to you and your local community.  We need as many nominations as possible to reach the shortlist! 

You'll need the following details: The Hub, Church Road,

Peterchurch, HR2 0RT (category: Rural Enterprise).  

Make a suggestion


We're always happy to receive bright ideas which might benefit members of our community.  Please get in touch via the link below if you would like to make a suggestion.



Meet your local Ward Councillor


We're delighted to announce that Ward Councillor Jennie Hewitt will be holding regular surgeries at The Hub.  She'll be here on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month from 11am - 1pm. 


Visit our Events page  to find out more...  

Get involved...

The Hub is a community development project which relies heavily upon the goodwill and generosity of its volunteers.  If you would like to help your community, please get in touch. 


We're currently on the look-out for people to help with cake-baking, serving in our café, distributing flyers/leaflets, photographing activities and events, talking to visitors at our Chatty Café and more...! 


Support The Hub when you shop online

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Pop in and recycle!

The Hub is now a recycling 

point for toothbrushes,
tubes, electric

toothbrush heads and their packaging.  We have a collection box in the Nave - please make use of it!


Help with transport

We're keen to help as many people as possible visit The Hub, either to spend time in our café or to enjoy the events and activities which take place here.

We use the services of Dore Community Transport and may be able to help if you (or someone you know) is in need of assistance getting to or from The Hub.