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Peterchurch Unlocked

We are living in extraordinary times; we are living through history.

Here at The Hub, we would like to try to record the thoughts, emotions, hopes and fears of our community as many of us navigate the uncharted waters of social distancing, self-isolation and more.

We also want to highlight the imagination, compassion, creativity and resilience of our community.   


All contributions will be gratefully received and will make up an exhibition entitled PETERCHURCH UNLOCKED. We plan to showcase the community's works both in The Hub and in Peterchurch Village Hall when both venues reopen. 

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We recognise that much good has come out of this crisis, insofar as people have reconnected with their locality and used the lockdown as a means of reaching out to friends and family. 


Nonetheless, many people within our community have suffered hardship, some are coming to terms with the loss of a loved one, whilst others are trying to find a way through unemployment to build themselves a new future.  

We are exploring ways in which we can join together to process our experiences and continue to support each other.  Keep an eye on this page for more information about The Community Conversation and Reflective Ramble which is planned for later in the year...
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